Welcome to where the front door will be…

Thanks for coming to visit. This site has been up just long enough to see the shape of the building. The foundations are concreted in, the rooms are starting to take shape, but it is still looking a bit empty.

The architect’s drawing shows a hallway for getting in off the street, a library for published articles, a lounge for reviews and a study for more intense business stuff. It will probably end up as an attic, full of old articles.

In the meantime, the builders might have to move a few walls (to the sound of intaken breath, a furrowed brow, a light shaking of the head and the inevitable line, “I’m not sure that we can do that…)

So please look around and get a sense of what WalkerWords can do, then come back to watch the thing rise from the ground. If you want to meet your new neighbour, just email me at media@walkercrew.plus.com.

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