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Neal Morse: Jesus Christ, The Exorcist

A rock opera?! There’s something we haven’t seen for decades – and this one is worth exploring. Morse’s last three albums have been so good that two have been among the best releases of their years. But how would this … Continue reading

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The Badly Behaved Bible

I wish Nick Page taught me history at school. The self-described “unlicensed historian, applied ranter and general information-monger” is like a mate who nudges you in the ribs and asks mischievously, “Hey, did you know…?” In a tongue-in-cheek one-man mission … Continue reading

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Bruce Cockburn: Crowing Ignites (Crowing Ignites??)

This album is a real surprise. Cockburn named his last release Bone on Bone, because he was suffering from arthritis to such an extent that it was affecting his guitar playing. One might expect his response to major on singing, … Continue reading

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An Activist the Press can’t Pigeonhole

Today is the first day of Extinction Rebellion’s fortnight of disruption across major cities in Europe. The BBC covered the story from many angles: protesters dressed up as Red Rebels, people chaining and glueing themselves to immovable objects, celebrities moving … Continue reading

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