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Avishai Cohen – Big Vicious

This is a remarkable instrumental album. Sometimes jazz releases can be clever-but-unpleasant; this one, though, is an absolute delight, because the band has put melody centre stage, expanded the style to include electronica, and re-invented a classic Massive attack track … Continue reading

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Tangerine Dream – Recurring Dreams

Electronica pioneers reinvent some of their classic work. Tangerine Dream were true innovators, pioneering the use of synthesizers as a sole instrument and creating a mainstream genre in the process. It took a while. Their initial work was what a … Continue reading

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Rhidian Brook, pt 1: Living in the Heart of a Pandemic

As we are currently facing a global pandemic and writer Rhidian Brook is celebrating 20 years of contributions to Thought for the Day, this is a good time to revisit the epic adventure that featured in some of his early … Continue reading

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Rhidian Brook, part 2: Thoughts for the Nation

Thought for the Day is a tough ask: you have under three minutes in the middle of Today, Britain’s main current events breakfast radio show, to add some insight that might inspire several million listeners. And not just any listeners: … Continue reading

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